We are a collective of creative partners consulting together to assist small businesses and individuals with brand development, project management, and marketing strategy.


Akekos is focused on constructing a developing the visual elements and voice of your brand while implementing systems that streamline the process for effective project management. Our team of creators are focused on marketing your business while creating an environment that promotes client interaction and growth through facilitated conversation, education, and engagement.


Because we understand:

  • The importance of community in an ever changing business landscape.
  • The necessity of partnerships with like minded, passionate entrepreneurs.
  • The priority of connections between businesses, clients, and their clientele.
  • The emphasis of creativity and innovation every step of the way.
  • The value of facilitated conversation and communication between creators and businesses.


Our team of creators, developers, and marketing strategists strive to promote the expansion of your business and its clientele.

Brand Development

Constructing and developing the visual elements and the voice of a strong and recognizable brand.
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    • Brand Assessment & Extensions
    • Brand Strategy
    • Brand Identity
    • Website Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Brand Campaigns

Project Managment

Implementing systems that streamline the process for successful and effective project management.
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    • Business Assessments
    • Operations Assessment
    • Operations Manual Creation
    • Project Management Systems Implementation
    • Social Media Managing

Marketing Strategy

Creating an environment that allows for client interaction and growth through facilitated conversation, advocation for growth and success, and education and engagement.
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    • Content Strategy & Creation
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Product Placement
    • Analytics Reporting
    • SEO

Your business is more than just a business, and at Akekos we both understand and share your passion to see it flourish.

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Akekos is a team of innovators, creators, and developers focused on growing your business and expanding it to new horizons
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